Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Selling Your Stuff from Home on Ebay for profit

One of the easiest online money makers is auctioning junk or stuff you have lying around that you no longer use at home on ebay.
 It's free for the first batch of 50 items you would like to list for sale every month.

After the first 50 items you sell for the month you pay a small insertion or listing fee. But by the time you get that big, you might as well open an ebay side business.

It's as easy as listing your product by

1-find something you want to sell and start taking some pictures
2-list it at a price where you make what you want and then add 15% for ebay and paypal fees.
3-receive payment and ship the item out.

That's it, a great way to make extra cash with your property that you no longer want.
You can do this at the end of the year or when you upgrade your older model Iphone or laptop and use the money to get the new model.

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