Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Online Income - This Website's Gigs Pay Five Dollars at a Time An Online Hustling Marketplace to Make Money Now!

Fiverr is an online marketplace for services that can be sold or purchased for a 5$ minimum. Some sell for up to $20 or $50 depending on the service. Simple gigs are plentiful throughout the website and some of them include:

  • Dancing for someone, 
  • Singing a happy birthday song in a funny voice.
  • Modeling a sign for a business

Multi-lingual? Some of these may suit you:

  •  Writing an article for someone. 
  • Translating a document to various languages
  •  or even teaching someone a new language.

Usually gigs are about a hour in length for those which are timed. Some members are very outgoing and bizarre with the services they offer ranging from:

  • Giving you  tarot card reading
  • Casting a curse on your enemies
  • Conducting a good luck spell 
  • Writing words on the sand in a beach somewhere in the world

three versions of the Five dollar bill with Abraham lincoln
The.Comedian, CC BY 2.0 , via Flickr

While some of these are very simple to do, many people are making a excellent side income from fiverr. 5$ at a time. You can even upgrade your services by increasing delivery time, offering bundled packages and the best part is that fiverr does all of the promoting for you. They drive the traffic to you. Remember this is the business for them. You make money, they make money too. So of course they will help you out as much as possible.

Artistic? These gigs will bring you some cash:

  • Drawing cartoons
  • Creative Valentines cards
  • Putting together Business Logos
  • Drawing Advertising Banners  
 The process is simple.

  1. Sign up at fiverr.
  2. Create your profile.
  3. Build your first gig to sell.
  4. Wait for customers who are interested.
  5. In the meantime, put more gigs together.
When you receive an order for a gig, you can see it in your account gig sales section, once you get paid, the money goes directly into your Paypal account. Fiverr's only piece of the pie? 1$ for every 5$ that you make. That's not so bad right? Hey, they gotta make something!

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