Sunday, February 1, 2015

Got Used College Books? Convert Them to Cash now!

College books stacked up with nurse
Walt Stoneburner, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr

Alright so I've racked up a few piles of used books over my last few years in college and quite frankly, I thought of donating them.

Than I found out I get Cash for used books without doing any work. I signed up here and just entered the ISBN, (Serial number which identifies a book) and they gave me a price.

Usually between $20 and $100 each book, if I like the offer I accept. They send out a shipping label which they pay for, I ship out the book or books. Within a few days they deposit the money into my Paypal account.

  1. Sign up here at the cash for books website ( I promise you can do it in less than 55 seconds).
  2. Enter a few ISBN's of some of the books you have lying around the house.
  3. If they are buying your book, and you like the offer accept it by adding to your cart.
  4. Wait for %100 free shipping labels to arrive through the mail.
  5. Ship out the books.
  6. Wait for money to be deposited into your Paypal account.
  7. That's it, now the fun begins, go shopping without leaving home. Amazon anyone? LOL.
  8. Seriously, enjoy your easy earned money. Go to the mall, order pizza...light it on fire..Whatever you want to do really. You just made some easy cash by doing basically nothing at all. 

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