Friday, January 23, 2015

Make money by hustling other peoples Garage sales and getting a truckload of inventory completely free

So we're going to make money with other peoples garage sales? Okay. Simple hustle here for those who want it easy. Check out Craigslist and other listings or even newspapers for garage sales. Most people who hold these sales are doing so once in a blue moon.

 Every few weeks or months when they decide to clean out the garage. They want to make a little extra space at home and clear out some old furniture and other items or whatever the case may be.

Where do you come in? Simply give them a call at the end of the supposed garage sale day and ask them very kindly if they would like to get rid of the rest of the stuff they have left and you would be happy to pick it up for them instead of them throwing it away. 

You are doing them a favor by simply coming by and picking everything up, load it into your vehicle and haul it off to the dumpster or, to your own garage. Ah ha, now we see the clearer picture eh?

If you call enough places you'll be sure to have two or three locations to pick up from and earn yourself a free inventory. Check out everything you've got and see what it's going for on It's a great marketplace that will make you decent money.

Now, several tips on how to make the money.

Several options are available, Amazon is one.
E bay is another. Craigslist is also great. You can even go to your local swap shop meeting and have a nice day out interacting in person with a steady flow of traffic.

Mix things up try out a few different ideas and see which works best for you and which you prefer.

I like to put furniture on Craigslist or take it to the swap meet, nobody will pay for the expensive shipping costs on the heavy bulky items if you sell it online. 

Keep the electronics and books and such online at amazon or E bay.
If you want to get strategic, take everything with you to the swap meet, but also have it listed on Amazon and E bay. 

As you gain bids or make sales via your online sources, remove the items from display at the flea market. Staying in tune, also remove anything from the online sale if you happen to sell it while your live at the market. This will increase you chances of making sales twice as fast.

See how this hustler browses through a recent truckload of items he got for free, just to get an idea of some of the stuff you can run into.

Now if you ever feel like you're stacking up to much junk? That's fine. A large lot of several hundred items can fetch a nice profit while you clear things out and make space for incoming inventory. $50-$100 for a truckload of unwanted junk is the right price. 

However, you can raise or lower that depending on your quality of items if you'd like too or if you just feel they're worth more. Remember though, this was all free! 

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