Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Make money walking dogs, The Dog Walk hustle

Trained Dog Taking Money on the Street
BY Alex Cockroach, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0, via Flickr, Dog Collecting Money

Walking dogs is one of the easiest tasks in the world. It's an even easier hustle, taking a morning jog or walk with a few dogs on a leash is a fantastic income of money. Have you ever wondered how to make money by walking other peoples pets?
Learn the secrets to Training your dogs to do what you want like this happy puppy collecting dollar bills!
 The best part of it is that you only need to dedicate a short period of time in the morning or evening. Or both. Once you complete this simplicity of a "job", the remaining time in the day is all yours.

To dedicate to more hustling, of course.

Pass out posters, make business cards, post your services online and even tell all your friends family and neighbors. Many of these are streams of advertising that will give you the boost you need to get started with your first few customers.

Your supplies for this quick money making idea is simply to have proper leashes, gloves for avoiding skin burns. Muzzles to prevent bites if necessary, and dog shampoos and combs or brushes for grooming.
The best way to do baths is once a week on the last day of walking. Saturday you can get all the bathing out of the way and take the owner the pet smelling and looking brand new. As a reminder that you're doing them a great job.

If you want to include some minor hair clipping in your services as well, scissors will get the job done. A nail clipper is a part of grooming on an as needed basis. Oh yeah, don't forget the baggies for all the poop you'll be scooping!

Your business setup plan should be something like this:

Morning and evening walks for your dog(s).

Monthly dog walking packages.

Full Pro Package #1              BEST VALUE!
$199(48 walks at 3.50 each) (4 baths and grooming at 7.75 each)
Walks consist of 55 minutes each morning, and 45 minutes in the evening.
6 days a week.
Along with once a week bathing and grooming.

Once a day Package #2
$122 (24 walks at 3.50 each) (4 baths and grooming at 9.50 each)
Walks consist of 55 minutes each morning or evening. Optional.
6 days a week.
Along with once a week bathing and grooming.

Just for kicks Package #3
$54 (8 walks at 4.00 each) ( 2 baths and grooming at 11.00 each)
 Twice a week 55 minutes walk and Bi-Weekly bathing and grooming.

  Separate from monthly services
Dip your paws package #4
$24 One time bathing and grooming along with a one time 55 minute walk.

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