Thursday, January 22, 2015

Make money selling Water Bottles on a Hot Day in busy intersections during red lights

Do you ever think about how the hot weather makes you twice as thirsty as normal?
Take advantage of this and get out to where the thirsty people are, offer them some water and watch your money triple, literally.

The best place to do this is intersections that are busy on a constant basis. Red lights give you enough time to walk up and down in between vehicles to offer them ice cold water.

A medium cooler may run you $15-$25.

A couple bags of ice $3-$5.

A 24 pack of  water can run you anywhere from 5$ for generic brands which is the best deal on water bottles you may want to purchase. As well as up to $7-$10 for the known brands. Either way, selling these at $1 each is like printing money.

 Seriously, throw some ice in the cooler, get out there with a 24 pack or a 48 bottle case or two and within a few hours you should have a minimum of at least $24-$96.

If you don't have this within 3-5 hours, find another intersection, you chose a bad one.

Bring a hat, sunscreen if you are sensitive to the sun, and some snacks to keep you going.
 Some headphones and a sign large enough so people can read the words:


See how this guy turns $10 into much, much more. Selling water!

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